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²º¹5__ongoing is an independent, free and slim Center dedicated on the role of Art in Education ↔ like a gallery where to present know and unknow contemporary artists, document through publications, grow audiences and relative new art market.

²º¹6__ongoing is an indipendent publishing house, print books, design and develop all of Center exhibitions, over a network by people with skills and competences in applied visual culture, from traditional media to new media↔In other words we are a cultural design studio for contemporary human condition.

²ºº8__²º¹5 initially intended like a medialab also know as A&T Center, where people think, make and share about Arts&Technologies, Variable media and their cultural and social implication. Lectures, workshops, projects was what we did. Visit archive for more info↔ During 2015 change location from suburb to downtown of Brescia, also changed the circumstances affecting about what we can do.

__²º²3 Art Educational Center was closed at the end of 2022


→ Davide Anni Art director

lecturer and artist, he has spent last 10 years working in few academy of arts around Italy and China; about said "as work of art"

→ Anna Guzzi Head of exhibitions

educator and artist, she has spent last 10 years in secondary school, teaching visual communication and graphic design

→ Luca Dal Bo bookshop

entusiast and artist, he was graffiti writers in 90's, today he's full time dad and books lover

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